Jewelry size guide

International Rings Size Guide

At Cretations we typically size our rings from 48-64, which refers to the inner circumference of the ring in millimeters.

 This is the ISO standard, and is used in most, but not all, European countries (e.g., Greece, Germany, France).

If you are from another country, and need some guidance about your ring size, you can use the chart on the right. 

Inside Diameter (MM)EUROPEUSUK
15.3 mm484.5I
15.6 mm49.35J
16.2 mm50.65.5K
16.6 mm51.96L
16.9 mm53.16.5M
17.2 mm54.47N
17.8 mm55.77.5O
18.1 mm578P
18.5 mm58.38.5Q
19.1 mm59.59R
19.4 mm60.89.5S
19.7 mm62.110T
20.4 mm63.410.5U
20.7 mm64.611V
21.0 mm65.911.5W
21.6 mm67.212X
22.0 mm68.512.5Y
22.3 mm69.713Z
22.9 mm7113.5Z+2
23.2 mm72.314Z+3
23.6 mm73.614.5Z+4
24.0 mm74.815Z+5

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Cooming Soon!