Over the years, we have grown and become one of the most credible and reputed manufacturer of Gold and Silver handcrafted jewels, delivered only in clients who had the chance to spend their holidays in Crete, staying in the magnificent resort of Sea Side Resort & SPA .
However, since things change dramatically nowadays, we need to follow our clients’ wish for years, to expand our concept, offering a modern online store!


The Cretations is a flexible and elegant platform which engages our well experienced and trained personnel to produce contemporary art jewelry by combining the individual inspiration and our culture in traditional Greek jewelry.


The platform’s plan is to give you the opportunity to select our jewels and customize them or to create your own jewel.

THE outcome

The CreTations, has as a priority to support and highlight the uniqueness of each and any idea you have in mind.

We strongly believe that jewelry, like any other work of art, refers to the meeting of the human entity, no matter where we come from or we live.

“Jewel”, which means arrange in harmony, is the need to sort out what is happening around us and we are exactly here to support it and make it TRUE.

Silver Ring with Golden finish and Amethyst gemstone


We draw our inspiration from ancient Greek models and the untamed Cretan landscape in order to produce timeless artefacts.
Our flawless designs are created with love and passion to add stylish glow to any outfit.
Discover our collection, original and different jewels that reflect exclusivity through our characteristic design.
Stand out with our most iconic jewellery pieces for the whole family with necklaces and statement rings, bracelets or earrings combining diamonds, pearls, semiprecious stones and crystals with our signature look. Discover the Jewel Art world.
Let us inspire you and set a perfect festival look. We shape raw materials into unique pieces.
Share style and outlook on life customising yours, in workshop prices.
Nature and ancient Minoans inspire our handcrafted accessories, where the shapes and colors of our island are reflected in each piece of jewelry.