Launching CreTations, a modern online jewelry store!

Today we are glad to announce CreTations, an affiliate online store to the Sea Side Resort & Spa Jewellery Store.

It has been quite a while since visiting customers at CreTations Jewellery Store in Sea Side Resort & Spa have been asking for an online shop to be able to purchase unique pieces of jewelry when getting back home from their holidays at breathtaking Crete.

Well, today is that day and we are here to deliver! 🤗

And there’s nothing better than combining our launch with a few exclusive coupons to pay our gratitude to our beloved customers.

How to get your exclusive coupon

Obtaining your coupon should be an easy process, and that is exactly what we have planned.

To make sure that shopping our unique handcrafted jewelry from the leisure of your home is done in a heartbeat, we have decided to issue coupons in various ways.

Send us a picture of your favorite piece of jewelry that you purchased from Sea Side Jewel Art, and we will reply to you with your coupon!

To make matters interesting

We always love a little mystery and that is why we provide you with ways to increase your discount while giving back a little something to help a new store and a small family business.

Still reading? Well, we got you covered.

  • Follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts. (+1)
  • Share our Facebook account with your friends. (+1)
  • Upload a post on your Instagram account and tag @cretations_jewels (+1)
  • Post a story on your Instagram and tag @cretations_jewels (+1)
  • Upload a post on our Facebook page (+1)
  • Leave a review on our Facebook page (+1)

Do all of the above and you might receive a little something for free on your first order ❤️ !

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